Post Production Resources
Training Webinar
This training webinar covers an introduction to editing. The hardest part of the video production process is editing. This track covers topics related to video editing, using Adobe Premier Elements, an editing program that is available on both Mac and PC. The webinar will cover general principles of editing.

One-on-One Consultation Information

After you watch the training webinar, we encourage you to take advantage of FREE one-on-one consultations with video and marketing experts from See3 Communications. When you register for a post-production consultation, you will be asked to list your questions and send any background information or links to help us prepare.

Examples of potential consultation questions:
  • We have a rough cut of our video and are looking for some feedback on pacing, content, and story arch.
  • How can I give my edit more of a concrete story line?
  • When I reopened my editing project file I incurred an error saying “Media off line”. What should I do?
  • Please note that the focus is to encourage schools to become better story tellers. We recommend contacting your internal IT department about any computer hardware or software issues first. As each school is unique in these arenas we can’t guarantee that we can solve all individual technical questions.
Go to our One-on-One Consultation page to learn more and sign up now.

Helpful Resources
Don’t forget to review our helpful resources.
  • Our Post Production Packet [   ] includes an editing script, a log template, and a transcription template.
  • Creative Cow is a support community for digital video, video editing, and media production professionals in broadcasting, motion graphics, special FX and film.
  • Vimeo Video School provides a fun quick online crash course and forum to video making for beginners to advance film nerds. It also includes free tutorials for iMovie and Windows Movie Maker
  • Life Hacker Editing Night School includes a series of training guides about introductory editing methods.
  • Download [ ] the Post production training webinar slideshow to take notes on the presentation, remind yourself of ideas or questions you had, and share the handout with others.
Is your edit almost done and now you need music? Check out these online resources.
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