Contest Eligibility
All videos submitted to this contest must:
  • Represent a Jewish day school (elementary, middle and/or high schools are eligible) that expresses a positive attitude toward the State of Israel and an appreciation for the value of secular education.
  • Be produced as a collaboration between an eligible Jewish day school and at least one eligible alum (someone who attended the school for at least one year). A collaboration means that the alum(s) PARTICIPATE in the creation – whether in creative concepting, pre-production, production, post-production, etc – of the video. The alumni partners don’t have to be involved in every step, but they do need to play a significant role in the creation of the video beyond simply being interviewed.
  • Be no more than two (2) minutes in length.
  • Be created after June 6th, 2012 (footage shot prior to that date can be repurposed).
  • Not be professionally produced by someone outside of the school community in exchange for any sort of compensation, produced with professional equipment, or include non-alumni celebrity appearances.
  • Exclude the last names of current students and all minors.
If a submitted video is determined to be ineligible, the contestant school will be informed and, time permitting, offered an opportunity to resubmit its video with the necessary changes.