Video Production Resources
Training Webinar: Wednesday, August 29th

This webinar will be offered to both Jewish day schools and their alumni partners, and will offer a high level recap of the Inaugural contest’s storytelling, production, post-production, and distribution webinars . For participants who missed the original webinars, or for returners who would like a “live” refresher, it will emphasize easy and approachable methods to create powerful and effective online videos.

To follow along and take notes on this webinar, please download this PDF.

One-on-One Consultation Information

After you watch the training webinar, we encourage you to take advantage of FREE one-on-one consultations with outreach, video and marketing experts from See3 Communications. When you register for a consultation, you will be asked to specify what type of guidance you require: storytelling, production, post production, or distribution. Please see each topic’s resource page for specifics

Examples of potential video questions:

  • What kinds of interview questions should we use to bring out interesting anecdotes?
  • We have a rough cut of our video and are looking for some feedback on pacing, content, and story arc.
  • How can I give my edit more of a concrete story line?
  • How should we use our video in email and on our website?
Go to our One-on-One Consultation page to learn more and sign up now.

Helpful Resources

Don’t forget to review the helpful resources on the storytelling, production, post-production, and distribution pages.

Contact us at with any questions.